Shutdown Services

At Black Cat Engineering & Construction, we pro-actively strive to avoid time and monetary delays resulting from poorly planned and executed maintenance shutdown tasks. Therefore, we pay meticulous attention to the scheduling and logistical side of shutdown. BCEC have executed an average of three shutdowns per year in various stations in Dukhan Fields / Mesaieed Areas for QP/QAFCO. Shutdown works include:

  • Catalyst Loading/Unloading
  • Heat Exchanger / Test-Separator Maintenance - Rotary Equipment
  • Inspection / Testing
  • Vessel Cleaning / Pressure Hydro-Jetting Equipment
  • Valve Dismantling / Testing / Re-installation
  • Instrument Dismantling / Calibration / Re-installation
  • Repair of Concrete Foundations, Demolition of Redundant Foundations/Supports