Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees is our first priority. We are committed to zero tolerance to risks and hazards and take a proactive approach towards maintaining high HSE standards at all times and have zero tolerance to risks and accidents.

Our HSE policies have been instilled within our organizational culture to promote the high standards and practice. We have embedded a behavioral based approach for safety that has every employee aware, educated, engaged and accountable for their actions and the actions of those they are working with.

Black Cat Engineering & Construction are proud to have received numerous awards and certificates of appreciate which reflect our commitment to working under national and international regulations and standards and maintaining a safe working environment.

We provide all our own work force as well as subcontractors with the required training and PPE, and ensure all are familiar with Black Cat HSE policies and procedures. Having a strong emphasis on HSE performance also help us to deliver our services with the highest quality and with optimized efficiency.


Please download our HSEQ Policy