This department is independent from the Piping department, though some of the resources are shared. Their expertise is cross country pipelines (gas and liquid), in several material types including carbon steel, exotic materials, and the plastics family GRP, GRE, and GRV for the fabrication and installation ofCrude oil, fuel gas, desalinated water, or potable water network pipelines.

Black Cat Engineering & Construction cover the A to Z for the pipeline including the material specifications, wall thickness calculations, all the way to alignment sheets for construction purposes. Typical deliverables include Pipeline Design Basis and Crossing Design Reports:

  • Material Specifications
  • Wall Thickness Calculations
  • Typical Crossing Details
  • Expansion Loop Design Details
  • Pipeline Sleeper Details
  • Typical Burial Details
  • Pipeline Anchor details
  • Pipeline Alignment Sheets
  • Pipeline Station Approach Drawings
  • Pipeline Crossing Matrix
  • Pipeline Route Drawings
  • Pipeline Elevated support details
  • Pipeline Stress Analysis (Static/Dynamic)
  • Pipeline Construction Specifications
  • Pipeline Commissioning Specifications
  • Baseline Survey Specifications
  • Field Engineering Support