The civil department caters for all aspects of civil works, although it specializes in civil works related to facilities engineered for the oil and gas which include the pipe supports, pipeline supports, equipment buildings, shelters, substations, control rooms, roads, drainage, fencing, and similar. STAAD Pro and Foundation 3D are software commonly used.

  • Material specifications: concrete, steel works, roads
  • Road and traffic sign layouts
  • Foundations details for pipe supports
  • Foundations details for equipment
  • Foundation calculations (including dynamic rotating equipment)
  • Highway crossings details
  • Structural details for pipe supports
  • Structural details for pipe bridges, and pipe racks
  • Structural details for equipment shelters warehouses
  • Architectural details for buildings
  • Sections and elevations for buildings
  • RC Details for buildings foundations, roof and floor slabs
  • RC Details for cable trenches
  • Schedules of finishes for buildings
  • Layout for drainage
  • Drainage calculations